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You Sang Me a Song


 C                     G                     B flat                  F       
On a sunny afternoon, on a summer day with you

             C             G        F
As you looked into my eyes

C                     G                     B flat                  F       
I saw you sitting there, I saw the sunlight through your hair

             C      G        F
As you fell into my life


F                                        C
But you came along and you sang me a song

D7                                 C
You sang me a song I sang all day long

F                                        C
You wrote me a tune and you taught me to sing

D7                         G
Along with you…

Had a feeling I couldn’t compare
I seemed to think about you everywhere
And I knew it when you smiled

I have a feeling just for you
I feel now can you feel it too
As I looked into your eyes

Solo Guitar ***********************************************

Another day with you, another time for me and you too
Every day gets sweeter than before
So many things we need to do, it’s time to do them you and me too
Cuz we got to where we’re going, for sure